Queer Comic Book Characters: Satsu (Oct 24th)

Satsu appears in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book. She’s Japanese, and she’s an out lesbian. Satsu quickly became one of the best fighters and one of Buffy’s favorite new Slayers.




Satsu falls in love with Buffy. When Buffy’s put under a magical sleeping spell, it is Satsu’s true love’s kiss that awakens her. No one knows who woke up Buffy, including the audience, until Buffy herself figures it out by Satsu cinnamon lip gloss.

Buffy realizes Satsu kissed her.

Buffy realizes Satsu kissed her.

During a fight with Twilight (the Big Bad of Season 8), Buffy confronts Satsu and tells her that relationships never work out well for those she dates. When Satsu’s knocked unconscious, she wakes up with Buffy at her side. The two women spent the night together and have sex. They are discovered by a shocked Andrew, Willow, Xander, Dawn, and Renee.

Satsu and Buffy, post-sex

Satsu and Buffy, post-sex.

For a while, Satsu tries to make things work with Buffy. But it’s clear that Buffy’s straight. When they go to help out a team of Slayers in Japan, Satsu ends up staying there and leading them. At one point, Kennedy comes to visit Satsu and the two strike up a close friendship. Kennedy assures her that she’s not the only lesbian who’s fallen for a straight girl.

Despite having her heartbroken by Buffy, Satsu is still very loyal to her. She becomes part of the inner circle. And Satsu’s only a little crushed when everyone watches Buffy and Angel (Twilight) having magical sex while flying. As anyone would be.

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