Welcome to my blog about comic books. I’m a giant geek who does many geeky things, and one of those things is review comic books. I love She-Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, and the Midnighter. My opinions are all my own, and I love comic books, even when I hate them. Because it’s okay to like problematic things, as long as you acknowledge the problems and want them to get better.

And I want comic books to get better.

If you enjoy my writing, you should check out this book I’m in called Chicks Dig Comics: A Celebration of Comic Books by the Women Who Love Them
. It also has some other nifty ladies (and a few men) who really love comics too.

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About Erica

Erica McGillivray is the showrunner of 6’7″ & Green. I love comic books and enjoy taking a critical and a fun eye to them. If you’re interested in knowing more about me, check out my main site or my Twitter account.

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